Posted by: giantfish | June 20, 2008

Leaving the nest!

We’ve been uploading all of our whale shark identification photographs to the ECOCEAN Whale Shark Database in the hope that somewhere, sometime, they’d pop up in another country – or vice-versa.

Well, one of them finally has!!!

MZ-301, affectionately named as \'Spot\'

MZ-301 was first photographed at Sodwana Bay by the Whale Shark Watch team, Rob and Sam Bester, back in February 2007. Andy Currey took this photo of MZ-301, a seven metre male, four months later at Tofo.

Okay, so geographically South Africa is pretty much next-door. However, a 500 km swim is nothing to sniff at. As desperate science students tend to repeat dogmatically, no result is still a result. In fact, the lack of resightings from further afield (with over 300 Mozambican sharks in the database) is rather intriguing. Given that Tofo’s waters resemble a seafood buffet much of the time, perhaps they don’t need to stray?

Anyway, all this is an excellent excuse to go diving at Sodwana Bay sometime in the not-too-distant future, so we’re pretty happy about that. Sodwana Bay is just south of the Mozambique border and Ponta do Oura, from where we’ve also had a couple of recent resightings of Tofo sharks thanks to Angie Gullan from Dolphin Encountours.

Here’s hoping they swim to the Maldives next…


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